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Emergency medicine physicians play a critical role in Australia’s healthcare system. These professionals diagnose and treat acute and life-threatening conditions in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. As with any profession, an emergency physician’s salary in Australia is a significant consideration for those planning to pursue this career
Understanding an emergency medicine physician’s salary is important for personal and professional reasons, whether you’re considering a career or already working in it.

This blog will look at the average emergency doctor’s salary in Australia. We will provide an overview of the salary range for emergency medicine physicians, discuss the factors that influence salaries, and offer advice on how to raise your pay. Read on to know more.

Overview of Emergency Medicine Physicians

As defined by the International Federation of Emergency Medicine in 1991, emergency medicine is the prevention, diagnosis, and management of acute and urgent illness and injury. It encompasses an understanding of the development of emergency medical systems in pre-hospital and in-hospital settings and a full spectrum of physical and behavioural disorders affecting all ages.

Emergency doctors are trained medical professionals who work in the emergency department (ED) of hospitals and are responsible for providing immediate medical care to patients who are critically ill or injured. Emergency medicine physicians can work in adult and paediatric departments and patient flow and transfer coordination units. Emergency doctors may also be part of the staff at an urgent care facility.

Some emergency physicians may offer services via telehealth for both the public and private sectors. To become an emergency doctor, one must obtain a medical degree, complete a residency, and obtain proper licensing and credentialing.

What Do Emergency Doctors Do?

emergency physician salary

Typical responsibilities of an emergency doctor include the following:

  • Assess a patient’s condition;
  • Diagnose and treat various injuries and illnesses, from minor ailments to life-threatening conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, and traumatic injuries;
  • Stabilise patients to prevent further harm;
  • Select and manage appropriate medical tools and equipment;
  • Order diagnostic tests;
  • Administer medications and treatments to patients (pain relief, oxygen therapy, and intravenous fluids)
  • Make life-saving decisions in high-pressure situations; and
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of their patient’s medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes.

Average Emergency Physician Salary

The average emergency physician’s salary in Australia will depend on several factors and how long a physician has practised in the field.

Salary Expert’s salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Australia indicates emergency physicians earn an average base gross salary of $395,201. This has an equivalent hourly rate of $190. Emergency doctors also earn an average bonus of $24,384.

If you’re an entry-level emergency doctor with one to three years of experience, you could earn the average emergency doctor salary of $264,170. If you’ve been practising for more than eight years, you could make an average salary of $522,704 or more.

Here is a breakdown of what locum emergency medicine specialists could earn:

  • RMO (resident medical officer): $80-$150 per hour
  • Registrars: $100-$180 per hour
  • Consultant emergency medicine physicians: $2,000-$3,900 per day

Factors that Affect Emergency Physician’s Salary in Australia

Location, experience, and employer are a few factors affecting the average salary of emergency doctors in Australia. Here is a brief explanation of how each of these factors may impact the average emergency physician’s salary in Australia:

Location: Emergency doctors who work in areas with high demand for medical services tend to earn substantial salaries. This is because there is often a shortage of medical professionals in these areas, and employers may need to offer higher wages to attract and retain qualified emergency doctors.

Experience: Typically, more experienced emergency doctors with a proven track record of success and leadership skills can command higher salaries than those just starting out in their careers.

Employer: The employer of an emergency doctor can also impact an emergency doctor’s salary. EM doctors who work for large hospitals or medical centres may earn higher compensation than those who work for smaller clinics or practices. Additionally, the benefits and perks of the job, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, can also impact an emergency doctor’s overall compensation package.

Overall, emergency doctors who work in high-demand areas, have more experience, and work for large hospitals or medical centres are likely to earn more than those who work in less competitive environments or are just beginning their careers. It’s important to note that these are only some factors that influence an emergency doctor’s salary; there may be other factors at play.

How to Increase Emergency Medicine Physician Salary in Australia

There are several ways to raise your salary in emergency medicine. Extending your working hours is one way to increase your pay, but there are better options than this because it may disrupt your work-life balance. Instead, improve your skill set to land better, higher-paying jobs.

You can also raise your salary by determining where you will most likely be in demand. For example, states such as Western Australia and New South Wales may offer more competitive pay rates to entice and retain EM doctors.

Additional certifications or attending conferences and workshops can also help emergency doctors improve their skills and knowledge, resulting in higher pay.

Developing relationships with other medical professionals, community leaders, and stakeholders can also lead to new career opportunities. Furthermore, it can boost visibility and reputation, both of which can help a practice grow.

If you decide to become an Emergency Medicine locum doctor, you can benefit from increased flexibility, higher pay rates, additional perks, and exposure to a variety of settings.

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