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The COVID pandemic has created vast industry changes worldwide, one of which is an increased demand by medical clinics and hospitals for Locum doctors. Locums have become crucial in meeting the current increased medical demand and are an integral part of the healthcare system, by assisting in keeping facilities appropriately staffed.

Doctors looking for locum work can strike out on their own and look for work themselves without an agency, however, this is not a good use of their time. Job searching and the paperwork process can be very time-consuming and tedious. The smarter option is to employ the services of a locum doctors recruitment agency. These agencies are time effective as they do all the groundwork and networking to established strong relationships with all hospitals and practices nationwide for you. Save yourself the unnecessary inconvenience and employ the services of Locum healthcare recruitment agencies to search for your specialized employment guidelines and take care of the hassle for you at no cost AND with no effect to your daily rate.

With an increased demand of locum doctors over the last year, naturally, there is an increase in the agencies offering these recruitment services. Choosing the right medical recruitment agency for you is a priority. We have successfully worked together with MANY doctors, placing them in their dream locum job covering all specialties, over the past five years here at Locum Life without any fuss, with no demand too difficult. In this article, we offer our expertise, advice, tips, and insights, on finding the best Locum agency to fit your specific requirements and lifestyle needs.

1. What do you want & need?

Before you choose an agency, determine what you want and need from a locum role.

• Do you want to travel
• What monetary package do you require
• What types of hospitals would you like to work in
• Are you coming alone or with your family
• What time frame and how long would you like the assignment to be
• Where would you like to work, Coastal, Rural, in the outback or snow
• Do you want a working holiday

This information will make it easier not only for you to find the locum agency that offers your unique requirements. It will also help the agency accurately present you to employers and match your specific needs.

2. Ask around – word of mouth

Word of mouth is a great way to find what you are looking for. Ask other locum doctors you have worked with, which agencies they have had a positive experience with. Learning from other previous mistakes and experiences is a great wealth of knowledge that can save you a lot of time and the run-around.

At Locum Life we have many happy customers, and you can read more testimonials HERE.

Dr Patrick C – “I had always dismissed locum work as being an option for me as I did not want to complete the credentialing paperwork. Locum Life worked with me to take the fuss out of the process. I am extremely lucky to have a team that takes the hassle out of the process which allows me to do what I do best.”- Anaesthetics

3. Specialization

The ideal recruitment consultant is dedicated to your specific area of medicine. Find a recruiter that understand the intricacies of your specialty and sub-specialties and who is already well versed who is well versed in your specialty, with connections in your desired location.

Each of our Locum Life recruiters are dedicated to working with clients in one specialized medical field. They know the intricacies of your field and work hard to cater to the opportunities related to your specializations by using Locum Life services and well-established networks across the country. Our job application processing time is efficient as we are very comfortable and knowledgeable in the varying qualifications and requirements needed by each of the hospitals and each role at hand.

4. Not all agencies have the same level of service.

Not all agents services are cut from the same cloth and it is always the “little” things they do for you, that truly set a locum recruitment company apart from the rest and make them a valuable partner. One of the most time-consuming aspects of applying for a locum job is completing the 50-page paperwork required by hospitals and clinics, including CVs, references and credentials. A good locum recruiter will guide you through this process the first time.

A GREAT recruiter will do it for you! This is exactly what we do here at Locum Life, we offer hassle-free credentialing and paperwork – when joining Locum Life, we assist in processing and completing the paperwork and submit it to you for your perusal and approval. We also go the extra mile and based on your personal preferences will organize your travel arrangements, car hire, accommodation, even your loved ones and furry friends.

5. What is the payment process?

Consider these points when researching locum agents:

• How you will be paid for your locum work.
• Will you be paid directly by the locum recruitment agency
• Do they advise on your taxes, superannuation and workers compensation
• How often you will be paid
• What are the specific payment processes involved to ensure a smooth transaction?

Locum Life has the experience and understands how each individual hospital conducts its payment process. With this in mind, we make the onboarding process easy and manageable. Locum Life will liaise upfront with the hospital and at all times, will make the payment process as hassle-free as possible.

6. Building a long term relationship

The best agency and recruiter will want to build a long-term focus goal specific for you. Look for a recruiter that looks beyond just your current role and actively approaches hospitals/clinics on your behalf to source locum assignments that fit your availability and requirements.

At Locum Life are goal is to build long term, personal relationship with each of our doctors. Our doctors will only receive messages when something specific arises. During our initial consultation with you, we establish your preferences and your desired forms of communication. Locum Life assists with whatever their clients need to ensure that they feel we are part of their team.

7. Don’t put too many eggs in the basket.

At the start of your locum journey, you may be dealing with a few recruitment agencies, while trying to find the right fit for you. Once you find an agency you are happy with, it is preferable to stick with the one agency. This makes the process of searching and acquiring your next job, easier and more efficient. Consider finding one trustworthy recruiter, who is dedicated to helping you find work. Building a relationship with your recruiter will help you to accomplish your goals and meet the requirements you have discussed with each other earlier.

Locum Life has a vast coverage of relationships with hospitals and clinics in both metro and remote regions of the country. After our Intro call with you, a quick questionnaire to gather personal preferences and information and a copy of all your core documents. We can start searching for the best opportunities and apply for roles on your behalf. Locum Life is familiar with the multitude of the varying applications process and requirements asked by each individual hospital or clinic, this makes the process for applying for new roles much easier.

8. Communication Is Key

You want to find an agency with amazing communication skills. A great recruiter will keep you up-to-date with every step of the process from finding assignments, interviewing, negotiating to closing. Your recruiter should remain in constant contact with you during the onboarding process, as well as during your assignment and be 100% committed to helping you. Your locum recruitment agency should act as your advocate and be easy to communicate with. You need a good relationship with your recruiter as they need to understand who you are as an individual and to keep your specific short-term and long-term goals in mind.

Locum Life is renowned for the quality of its supportive recruitment staff. Our highly supportive and experienced staff will make the whole process very smooth. They are available for you every step of the way to make your experiences better and ensuring all arrangements such as travel, accommodation or other requirements are handled for you by our experienced staff, handling any issues that may arise during your employment.

9. Travelling during COVID.

It is a regular practice for most locum doctors to travel and border cross, however in these new pandemic times, it can come with its own set of issues and you may need to have the proper border passes to work in certain areas/states. Many locum recruitment agencies develop relationships with boards and facilities, making it easier for you to obtain all of the documents you need.
Locum Life is constantly reviewing and monitoring the OFFICIAL current situations and guidance regarding border and travel restrictions for each state. We keep our doctors in the loop and up-to-date on the relevant situations as they change. We are aware of the guidelines and are well informed with the constant changes. We can apply for passes on your behalf and know what will be approved beforehand, to help make this process hassle-free

10. Protect Your CV –

The state public hospital systems are using more locum doctors to fill Resident and Registrar shifts. Some Locum agencies will hand out your CV to as many hospitals as possible. However, this isn’t always in your best interest. You desire work that matches your needs and specialty. While shopping around for locum recruitment agency to work with, make sure they understand your goals. Perhaps a written agreement in place between yourself and the agency stating which hospitals they can offer your CV will make your working relationship more successful.
Locum Life will only send your CV to the hospitals that have previously been discussed and have been approved by you.

The perfect locum recruitment agency for you, should

• Make finding and securing locums assignments as easy and stress-free as possible
• Look for a medical recruitment consultant who spends time explaining information, answering questions and
• Taking care of all the finer details at each stage of the process and throughout the assignment for you.
• They will support you with everything from negotiating rates and extras,
• Completing forms and ensuring prompt payment collating paperwork,
• Negotiating shift times and dates,
• Booking flights, accommodation and vehicle hire and families.

Their task is to improve the processes to make your life easier and minimise burdensome administrative tasks. Keep in mind, these people are responsible for helping you find your next job. It is important to determine their level of professionalism. Can you trust this agency to help you?
The Locum Life’s goal is to “help you live a better locum life”. Our established and experienced recruitment agency is the most preferred choice for hundreds of doctors when looking for jobs as per their desires and skillsets.

With an abundance of positive reviews, Locum Life is consistently recommended to every doctor who is looking for their dream locum job.

If you have any queries or need a consultation before proceeding, please feel free to contact our recruitment team, CALL US NOW – 02 9055 6856, register via our website – https://locumlife.com.au/jobs/ or send an email to info@locumlife.com.