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You must’ve heard that the rate of medical professionals working in Australia is substantial. Of course, aside from Australia’s popularity with its people of extensive culture, tourist destinations, as well as unique animal species, the doctor pay in Australia will surely convince you to live and have a job there.

Working is not just satisfying when you do it with drive, love, and passion. It is made more worth investing your time in when you know you are properly compensated. That is why, in your job hunting, you have to conduct thorough research to ensure that you will be justly compensated for the job that you are eyeing to secure.

Through this post, you will know of the doctor’s pay rate, both locum and permanent jobs, in Australia. If you are seeking a suitable medical profession in this country, this article is for you.

How much do doctors earn in Australia?

The medical sector is often linked to high doctor pay rates, expensive things, and various investments, such as huge mansions. Australia is also famous for doctors having competitive salaries and promoting work-life balance. But are your guesses correct and realistic? Let’s have a quick look at these ‘competitive’ salaries doctors earn in this country.

Taking into consideration all the factors, including level of experience as well as specialties, the average salaries for base doctors in Australia are the following:

Resident: $60,000 – $80,000
Registrar: $65,000 – $100,000
Consultant:: $180,000 – $500,000

Doctor pay in Australia will differ, again, depending on the specialties. Based on the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) reported data from 2016-17, the declared gross income of doctors range between $200,000 and $400,000, as seen above.

On a macro level perspective, according to an updated salary overview presented by AdvancedMed, based again on the ATO data, the following is the ranking of medical doctors and their specialties based on their average taxable income:

Occupation GroupAverage Taxable Income

Surgeons $394,303
Anaesthetists $386,065
Internal Medicine Specialists $304,752
Psychiatrists $235,558
Other Medical Specialists $222,933

In fact, surgeons had been sitting on top of the list since 2010.

For the more granular perspective, that is, subclassifications divided into specialties, let’s take a look at the following ranking:

Occupation GroupAverage Taxable Income

Neurosurgeons $575,687
Ophthalmologists $524,804
Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons $468,525

For more comprehensive information, taxable income is “the income you have to pay tax on. The taxable amount is the amount left after you claim a deduction for all the expenses you can. These amounts reduce the amount of assessable income you pay tax on” (ATO).

How much do locum doctors earn in Australia?

Similar to permanent doctor jobs, locum doctors’ pay will also be dependent on some of the following factors:

  • Hospital location (metro or rural)
  • Specialty demand
  • Allowances, benefits, and penalties
  • Level of experience.

An example is an anaesthetist compared to general medicine; an anaesthetist will be paid more since it has a higher demand and is short in supply.

An hourly rate of locum doctors ranges between $120 to $400, with an equivalent of around $250,000 to $750,000. Locum doctors’ pay rates are usually higher than those of permanent doctors’ due to the nature of their work. Among the top-paid locum doctor jobs are the following:

  • Psychiatry
  • Emergency medicine
  • Anaesthetics

As for locum junior doctor salary, its estimated annual computation is approximately $76,000 to $200,000. This is the same with middle-grade doctors.

In the public system, doctors’ pay will also increase each additional year of experience (up to a point).

What are the benefits of working as a medical professional in Australia?

Aside from having attractive salary packages, other perks entail working in the medical sector in Australia. You will feel compensated entirely by a doctor pay in Australia with some of the following:

Promote work-life balance

Working in a hospital will usually take a lot from you, specifically time and energy. You will normally be overwhelmed when you drown yourself with a lot of work stabilising patients, providing them with a diagnosis, or interpreting their laboratory results, among others. Of course, everyone has their limits.

It is in our body nature to require rest from life’s daily hustles. Australia is known for being committed to work-life balance; this practice extends to the medical sector. As a medical professional in Australia, you are also provided with ample time to re-energise yourself to function competently.

What better way to take a break and relax than in an environment with warm and friendly people?

Great sceneries and cool spots to unwind

To top off your well-deserved relaxation time, Australia isn’t short with the popular and fantastic sights you unconsciously seek. It is a widespread belief that unwinding can take a lot of work pressure from a person. This also holds true for doctors working tirelessly, almost 24/7.

From Sydney Opera House, Lake Hiller, Rottnest Island, to Uluru AKA Ayers Rock, you will have the best time to unwind in the coolest spots depending on your location here in Australia.

Competent coworkers and overall medical staff

Australia is not just well-known for its tourist spots but also for its skilled hospital staff. Due to the hospitals’ high training standards and ample opportunity for their medical staff, Australia has some of the best medical facilities worldwide.

Australia is one of the top-ranked countries in the healthcare industry. With all these, you will indeed have a great medical working journey, permanent or locum, topped off with a supportive staff that will also increase your skillsets.

Working as a doctor in Australia will open doors of opportunities for you, gaining new experiences and taking in new challenges.

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